Specials & Custom Designed Parts

Custom Designed Threaded Inserts & Other ComponentsOur business philosophy encourages success through the teamwork concept. Included in this philosophy is the relationship created between Tri-Star and you, the customer. Design Engineering starts the process of building this partnership.

Custom Inserts & Metal Parts for Plastic ApplicationsWe take pride in our ability to design custom inserts specifically for your application. During our Design Input Process, our Engineering Department will utilize their extensive manufacturing and machining knowledge to design a custom insert that incorporates the specific parameters that you provide us. The end result is a design that will meet or exceed your specific requirements and be cost effective to produce. Additionally, we can recommend alternative designs in an attempt to provide you with the total lowest cost possible for your application. Our Engineering Department will provide a CAD specification for your review and subsequent approval.

Precision Machined Products and Custom InsertsOur Engineering Department teams up with the Sales Department to provide you with a prompt quotation for your custom insert requirements. Our short delivery times and low minimum order quantity lead the insert industry.

We understand there are times when a standard brass threaded insert or threaded stud will not meet the specific requirements of your application. The next time your project calls for a special insert, contact our Engineering Department or fill out our online inquiry form to have a representative contact you about custom inserts and our design and manufacturing capabilities. We will be more than happy to work with you to provide an effective design for your application.