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Certificate #10254
1000 Piece / $125 Minimum Order
Quality threaded inserts, made in America
Tri-Star Inserts are RoHS Compliant
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Tri-Star Industries, Inc. Facilities List

Primary Equipment
The Davenport 5-Spindle Automatic Bar Machine is designed to offer a cost-effective means for high-volume production of close tolerance parts turned from a bar. Throughout the industry, the Davenport is widely considered to be the fastest, most versatile multiple-spindle automatic bar machine ever built. These machines have the capability of performing multiple machining operations within the cycle time of the machine. This capability eliminates the need for costly secondary operations. The machining capabilities and features of the Davenport include:

• Thread Rolling
  • Conventional Tapping   • Cross Drilling
  • Countersinking
• Thread Cutting • Bent Shank Tapping • Cross Tapping • Counterboring
• Slotting • Milling • Broaching • Deburring
• Knurling • Reaming • Back Drilling  

• Bar Stock Capacity*
- Round bar starting at .0937" [2.38mm] up to .8125" [20.64mm]
- Hex bar starting at .125" [3.18mm] up to .625" [15.87mm]
- Square bar starting at .125" [3.18mm] up to .5625" [13.89mm]

• Material Capability*
Free machining grades of Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. The most common grades are Aluminum 2011T3, Brass Alloy 360, Steel C1215 & C12L14, Stainless Steel Alloys 203, 303 & 416.

• Part Length Capability*
Starting at approximately .0625" [1.59mm] up to 2.500" [63.50mm]

• Tolerance Capability*
Lengths as close as ±.002" [0.05mm]
Diameters as close as ±.001" [0.025mm]

* The information and data contained in the stated capacities and capabilities are for general information purposes only and may be based on "best case scenarios." Application specific criteria such as component design, material and finish requirements will dictate the true or actual capabilities.

Secondary Equipment
  2 – Hardinge Lathes
1 – Bridgeport Milling Machine
1 – Ultrasonic Welder
2 – Heat Insertion Machines
Quality Assurance Equipment
Tri-Star Industries, Inc. is Registered to ISO9001:2000 (Certificate #10254) and working toward QS9000.
  Visual SPC – Gage Talker
Micro-Vu Optical Comparator (10x, 20x) with Digital View Output
AutoCad 2006
Gage Calibration System, Traceable to N.l.S.T.
Retina Laser Sorting Equipment
Weber Marking Systems – Bar Code Labels, A.I.A.G. compliant
Jenfab® Aqueous Cleaning System
Subcontracted Services
Tri-Star Industries, Inc. maintains an Approved Vendor List for the services noted. Additionally, vendors are subject to periodic audits by authorized Tri-Star personnel.
Heat Treating
Secondary Operations
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